Harden Technologies, LLC provides rapid software and hardware development services with a focus on fast turnaround time and minimal initial cost.

Our approach seeks feedback from clients at each stage of the development cycle, allowing their input to guide design of the final product.

Our fee structure minimizes risk by providing a demonstration product early in the design process at low or no cost to the client. Demonstration products may include a working software application, website mock-up, or video demonstrating a prototype device in action. We anticipate our clients will be so impressed by the quality and performance of the demonstration product that they will be excited to commission development and delivery of the final product.


Analytical and Scientific Software: We specialize in the development of software that provides realtime data visualization and analysis for scientific and industrial applications. We typically use C# and the .NET Platform to build graphical desktop applications for Windows or cross-platform console applications for desktop, server, or cloud environments. We also use Python to develop solutions that run in cross-platform environments including on specialized hardware environments like Raspberry Pi.
Circuit Design and Prototype Development: We specialize in the development of USB-connected devices which pair with custom software to provide realtime data visualization and analysis of sensor data and control real-world physical devices. We have the tools and supplies in-house to allow rapid circuit design and fabrication, allowing many commissioned projects to proceed from payment to delivery in less than one week.
Open Source Contributions: Consumers of free and open-source projects may want a feature implemented, but do not have the time or resources or time to implement it themselves. In these cases Harden Technologies, LLC may be commissioned to contribute features to public open-source software projects. This has a strong advantage over developing a private project because if a feature can get merged into the main branch of an open source project, the client can benefit from that feature and all new features added in subsequent releases.


Inquiry: Contact SWHarden@gmail.com and describe the product you wish to have developed. A non-disclosure agreement (NDA) will be created if requested.
Plan: You will receive a proposed work order defining the project goals and indicating a price and delivery timeline. Additional correspondence can refine the work order as needed.
Payment: Once a work order is mutually agreed upon, an invoice will be sent to the client using the Square service, and payment can be made with any major credit or debit card. Terms for full or partial refunds are detailed in the work order.
Delivery: Products are typically mailed via USPS or delivered electronically using a password-protected website. Terms of delivery and timeline are outlined in each work order.


Scott W Harden, D.M.D., Ph.D.
President & CEO
Harden Technologies, LLC