Harden Technologies, LLC provides rapid software and hardware development services with a focus on fast turnaround time and low initial cost. Our approach seeks feedback from clients at each stage of the development cycle, allowing their input to guide design of the final product.

Our fee structure minimizes risk by providing a product demonstration at very low cost early in the design process. Demonstration products are typically a proof-of-concept software application, website mock-up, or video demonstrating of a fabricated device in action. We anticipate you will be so impressed by the quality of this initial design that you will be excited to commission development and delivery of the final product.
Primary Technologies
Analytical and Scientific Software
We specialize in the development of software that provides realtime data visualization and analysis for scientific and industrial applications. We use C# and the .NET Platform to create click-to-run Windows applications, or Python and PyQT to develop cross-platform applications designed to run on Windows, MacOS, Linux, and special hardware such as Raspberry Pi.

Circuit Design for Prototype Development
We specialize in the development of USB-connected devices which use custom software to provide realtime data visualization and analysis. We have the tools and supplies to allow rapid circuit design and fabrication, and many commissioned products proceed from payment to delivery in less than one week.
Development Process
Inquiry: Contact us and describe the product you wish to have developed. A non-disclosure agreement (NDA) will be created if requested.
Plan: You will receive a document defining the project goals categorized into multiple development blocks. Each block will have a quoted price and estimated time to completion. Payment will be accepted for one block at a time, allowing you to ensure you are fully satisfied with each block before commissioning work on the next.
Payment: Invoices will be sent using the Square service and payment can be made with any major credit or debit card.
Delivery: The product will be mailed via USPS or delivered electronically using a password-protected website.
Scott W Harden, D.M.D., Ph.D.
President & CEO
Harden Technologies, LLC